Photo: Custom Creations Photography

Photo: Custom Creations Photography

Terri Uy-Lennon

{Owner & Lead Designer}

Hello!  So glad you stopped by.  Flowers are my passion! Whether it's in the garden, growing wild along the roadside (yes, I have foraged by the side of the road)  or professionally grown--petals inspire me!  

My love of flowers began as a small child.  I was the kid who was always picking flowers, making bouquets & floral crowns.  Not much has changed there.  I took on the role of floral designer 12 years ago when I did flowers for my own wedding.

After that, word got out and I began to design flowers for more weddings & events (family, friends, neighbors and so on).  That is how my floral studio came to be.  My personal design style is simple, romantic & elegant, with a touch of fun & whimsy.  I believe in letting the natural beauty of flowers shine.  

Thanks for visiting!  If you would like to talk flowers for your wedding or special event, please call or email me:

612.245.7889 | uylennonfloral@gmail.com